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Aabcor Inc. seeks applicants for inaugural scholarship

as reported by "Suburban Life " on 05/02/2007

Aabcor Inc. is calling for applications for its inaugural scholarship program. The program offers two scholarships to people whose lives have been impacted by traumatic brain injuries and who seek further education.

The scholarship recipients will be announced at Aabcor's 10th anniversary celebration event which will take place in July 2007.

Located in Darient and Chicago, Aabcor provides case management services to brain injured people who have returned home following hospitilization and/or rehab.

The Aabcor scholarships are open to any adult or child in the Chicago area who has been medically diagnosed with a brain injury as defined by their physician. Scholarships will be applied to either technical or trade school programs, two-year college programs or courses, four-year college programs, or graduate level studies. The award may also be used for any program of study, tutoring, books or supplies.