Aabcor services are diverse and customer-focused. These pages attempt to give you a picture of the scope of our offerings.

How Our Services Are Provided

After receiving a referral, all relevant medical records are gathered, compiled, and reviewed. The case is then assigned to a case manager who will contact the survivor and a close family member to set up a face-to-face appointment. 

The face-to-face usually takes place in the survivor’s home or current residence. The case manager then performs a thorough evaluation of the survivor’s needs, strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

Based on the assessment, the case manager will compile a proposal. The proposal will include:

  • Results of the initial assessment, including data on survivor’s psychological, behavioral and physical status, basic needs and impairments.

  • A detailed case management plan, specifying long term and short term goals, schedules and procedures for monitoring progress toward accomplishment of goals and objectives

  • Follow-up notes, feedback or recommendations from brain injury specialists, neuropsychologists, behavioral therapists, physicians and other outside individuals.

  • A list of helpful resources along with referrals to trusted agencies to provide additional services

  • A cost breakdown of the care plan

Once the proposal is approved, the case manager will implement the care plan by identifying the appropriate care givers and training them on specific requirements of the case. They will also contact agencies to set up resources, activities and additional services.

The case manager’s goal will be to build a “therapeutic and trusting relationship” with the survivor and his/her family and will always be available to provide support, guidance and solutions when difficulties arise.

The case manager will be in contact with the survivor or his/her family via phone, e-mail or by home visits.  A monthly progress report will be provided to ensure that progress toward accomplishing goals outlined in the initial assessment are being met.