The testimonials below are written by our clients. We are honored by their words and praise.


Dear Mr. Basith

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful organization you head. Julie A, was my husband’s (Don) case worker and from the first visit I thought of her as a friend, she was great and explained everything to me.  The help she gave us was everything I could ask for. I could never of kept my husband home without this help as I am 76 years old and not in good health myself.

Then after a massive stroke, with her help in getting more hours, I was able to bring him home from a nursing home where he was for about 3 weeks. With this help and hospice aid my doctor let me bring him home, he was home for 3 months even though he couldn’t talk to me or recognize us. It meant a lot to all of us to have him home. I was with him the morning he passed away holding his hand. I will never forget this time and thanks to your organization I was able to do this.  My heartfelt thanks and God Bless You.

Mary Lou, Wife of Donald Sr. and Family

P.S. If there is anyone I can write to, to help keep this program going please let me know