The testimonials below are written by our clients. We are honored by their words and praise.


Dear Aabcor,

An opportunity has arisen for me to assist in sharpening your awareness of a very dedicated AABCOR employee (Kristin M). Having met with Kristin, my father’s case worker, it is necessary to share some of my observations. Kristin, in my opinion, deserves special recognition for her dedication the healthcare profession. She has applied unique skills while establishing a trusting relationship with our family necessary to assess both the care and needs of my father. She has established an atmosphere for open communication in a warm and confident manner. She does phone checks often to ensure that dad is receiving very good care and to check on any changes in his condition. 

Please be assured that Ms. Kristin does uphold Aabcor’s goals. She has been instrumental in improving the quality of dad’s life and my mental state as well. Her ability to relate to people is one of the finest qualities a caseworker can possess.

This communication is being shared proudly. If additional information is necessary, please contact me.


Lorena, Waukegan IL.
October, 2005